App serves as organizer ("server") for preparing, conducting and scoring of small events where competitors visit control points and get scored. As "client" app used by event participants on course will serve Qrenteerings (AppStore v. 4.0+, GooglePlay v. 2.0+)

Introductory version 1.0 implements 3 main scenarios: score/rogain, cross-county and quiz. New event may be created based on one of these three options. Of course, it is possible to develop any course definition, if syntax rules holds.

Controls may be valued by bonus/penalty points and/or seconds. Controls may be "virtual" - put using geocoordinates and collected on course, using GPS capabilities of Qrenteerings.

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App is for use on phones to scan QR codes at control points on the orienteering course.

There are three modes: individual, webserver and QREvents. Find info in user manual.

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